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Gel Type Deep Cycle Front Terminal Battery 12v55ah For Off Grid Power

نوعية جيدة بطارية حمض الرصاص دورة العميق للمبيعات
نوعية جيدة بطارية حمض الرصاص دورة العميق للمبيعات
Champion is always doing professional VRLA business with our company,myself will be very happy to introduce you for the Champion Batteries !

—— Santiago Vidal

It's our great pleasure to let all the friends to know Champion,as we have co-operated with them for past 9 years,quality and effective are the truth!

—— Sergei Milyoshin

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Gel Type Deep Cycle Front Terminal Battery 12v55ah For Off Grid Power

الصين Gel Type Deep Cycle Front Terminal Battery 12v55ah For Off Grid Power المزود

صورة كبيرة :  Gel Type Deep Cycle Front Terminal Battery 12v55ah For Off Grid Power

تفاصيل المنتج:

Place of Origin: China
اسم العلامة التجارية: Champion
إصدار الشهادات: CE ; UL
Model Number: 6FM55FG

شروط الدفع والشحن:

Minimum Order Quantity: 50 pieces
الأسعار: negotiation
Packaging Details: Carton box
Delivery Time: 27 days
Payment Terms: 30% in advance, T/T
Supply Ability: 90,000 pieces per month
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Model Name: 6FM55FG Size: 291*106*221 mm
Voltage: 12V Terminal: M6
Capacity: 55AH Color: Black
Weight: 17.5 kg Application: Telecom, UPS,solar power,Inverter

Gel Type Deep Cycle Front Terminal Battery 12v55ah For Off Grid Power


Specifications & Characteristics Of solar power storage battery 12v100ah :
Nominal Voltage 12V
Rated Capacity (10 hour rate) 55AH
Size (Length*Width*Height*Total Height) 291*106*221 mm
Weight Approx 17.5kg
Capacity Affected By Temperature
(10 Hour Rate)
40°C(104°F) 102%
25°C(77°F) 100%
0°C(32°F) 85%
-15°C(5°F) 65%
Self-Discharge at 25°C
Capacity after 3 Month Storage 91%
Capacity after 6 Month Storage 82%
Capacity after 12 Month Storage 64%
Terminal FRONT terminal
Cycle Charge
(Constant Voltage)
(time 14-16h)
Voltage 14.4-14.8V
Float Charge
(Constant Voltage)
Voltage 13.5-13.8V
Usage UPS/Solar/Wind/Alarm/Security/Telecommunication/Emergency Lighting System, Electronic Instrument/ Fire-fighting Equipment/ Standby Power Supply/ Etc
Warranty 2 Years
OEM Service Accept
Color Black
Container Material UL94HB And UL 94V-0 ABS Plastic
Certificate CE; UL; ISO9001; ISO14001

Front Access Battery

F Series VRLA batteries has been specially designed for use in telecom systems. With front access terminals, it's easy for installing and taking voltage readings during service. It offer high reliability and deliver superior performance while occupying less space and increasing energy density. The battery container and cover made from V0 class flame retardant ABS & with thick walls, offer the battery with high mechanical strength and safety service features.


. Thick pasted plates with high quality lead-tin-calcium alloy grids for long service life

. Prevalling design in consturction

. Much more energy in comparison to the battery with the same rated capacity

. Front access terminals for easy and quick connection


Telecommunication networks
Telecom company
Uninterruptible power supplies
Computer networks and the Internet
Digital channel station
Communication equipment



Telecom Batteries - Front Access Battery - Gel type
Item no. Terminal Voltage(V) Capacity(Ah) Dimension(±1mm) Weight
Length Width Height Total Height
mm mm mm mm kg
6FM50FG F11 12 50 291 106 221 221 16.50
6FM55FG F11 12 55 291 106 221 221 17.50
6FM75FG F12 12 75 564 115 189 189 24.00
6FM95FG F12 12 95 410 110 287 287 28.00
6FM100FG F12 12 100 410 110 287 287 31.00
6FM100FG F12 12 100 506 110 224 239 31.00
6FM105FG F12 12 105 506 110 224 239 32.00
6FM110FG F12 12 110 395 110 286 286 32.50
6FM120FG F12 12 120 549 105 315 315 34.00
6FM125FG F12 12 125 549 105 315 315 38.00
6FM150FG F12 12 150 551 110 287 287 45.00
6FM155FG F12 12 155 551 110 287 287 47.00
6FM175FG F12 12 180 546 125 317 323 54.00
6FM180FG F12 12 180 546 125 317 323 56.00
6FM200FG F12 12 200 546 125 317 323 58.50


Competitive Advantage:

Manufacture with more than 15 years history

Capable of high discharge rates
Special grid and design technology

Special container size for more convenient installation
Best performance with low cost
Low self-discharge
Long service life for 12 years
99.994% pure lead for plates

Gel Type Deep Cycle Front Terminal Battery 12v55ah For Off Grid Power

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